This game is made for the Pizza Jam. 

I choosed the sequence 231th, says I Am the Strongest!

Around the sequence Machine, machine got the idea, of a game, where you should making coffee. And there were the titles: Black Thunder, A heart awoken from Darkness, Dark Finale, Dark Destroyer, Gone with the Darkness. 

But I did not want to make coffee a bad reputation. So I choose I Am The Strongest, based on the fact, that everybody think, the way THEY drink their coffee, is the best.  

You have 6 ingredients, 8 types of coffees, and a green button to sell your coffee, and a red to trash it. 

Good luck, and pay attention to your money!! 

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags2days, machine


Download 19 MB

Development log


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I didn't really like this game. It would be inetresting to play a game about a company, but this game doesn't have an ending, sound effects, customers, animations, you just click buttons to make coffee. Also i figured things out but a tutorial would be appreciated. 

Also the fonts and art seems bad for me. They seem too stock, and unoriginal to me. And the art i don't know if it is but it looks like clipart to me. I think that even comic sans would be more fun, game just seems boring.

There is a lot of stuff to improve. I really hope you will improve. 

I have high hopes for you, you can do better!